The Weaving/Handicrafts Sector is one of the largest unorganized economic activities after agriculture and constitutes an integral part of the rural livelihood. Weaving/Handicrafts constitute one of the richest and most vibrant aspects of the Indian tradition. It is a natural productive asset and tradition at cottage level, which has sustained and grown so far by transfer of skill from one generation to other.

The people of these industries are keeping alive the traditional craft of different States. The level of artistry and intricacy achieved in the loom fabrics and in craft design is unparalleled and certain weaves/designs are still beyond the scope of modern machines. Besides that, Weaving/Handicrafts is largely decentralized and the people involved are mainly from the vulnerable and weaker sections of the society, who weave/craft for their household needs and also contribute to the production in the textile/article sector.

“Sampradaaya”(which means tradition), is a small initiative, which recognized these weaker sections of the society and is making an effort to help these sectors, while promoting Indian tradition.